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Full, shiny hair and beautiful, strong nails are a sign of health, beauty and well-being. However, as hair and nail structure can deteriorate over time, hair often unfortunately becomes finer and nails more brittle. Does this sound familiar? Then let a trained BIO-H-TIN consultant examine your hair quality and hair structure under a special video microscope and assess your nails through a magnifying lamp on 20 February 2020 at the Hasen Apotheke. On this basis, you will receive an individual analysis, valuable care tips and product recommendations for your hair and nails.

Free registration is now possible at the Hasen Apotheke, Blodigstr. 6, 80933 Munich, via our Contact form or by calling 089 - 31 32 365. Secure your personal consultation today (approx. 15 minutes). We look forward to your visit!

Ji-Young Shin

Pharmacist and owner of the Hasen Apotheke am Hasenbergl.

Articles: 35

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