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We love to advise you comprehensively!

The team at Hasen Apotheke sees counselling as one of the core competencies of the on-site pharmacy and looks forward to providing you with comprehensive advice on all health topics. Below you will find a selected excerpt from our advisory services. Talk to us!

NEW: For regular customers, we now also offer a Online counselling via video chat.

  • Veins and compression stocking advice
  • Diabetes counselling
  • Asthma advice
  • Allergy advice
  • Incontinence advice, care and hygiene
  • Vaccination advice for children and adults
  • Advice for long-distance travellers: Information on vaccinations, first-aid kits, country-specific information, hygienic measures, nutrition, sun protection and prophylaxis.
  • Advice on suitable sunscreens, skin creams, skin care products
  • Nutritional counselling for weight loss diets and various diseases
  • Counselling on preventive health care
  • Advice on prevention and avoidance of diseases
  • Advice on the use of medical technology such as blood glucose meters, inhalation devices, blood pressure devices
  • Diabetes counselling: application aids, diabetes diet
  • Asthma advice: application aids inhalation devices,
  • Nutritional counselling for diets for various diseases and weight loss diets
  • Allergy advice: Tips for avoiding allergens
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