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Blood values

The following overview provides a brief summary of important blood laboratory values. In case of deviations, please contact your doctor! 

60 -80 beats/min, with physical exertion up to 180 

Blood pressure:
up to 140/90 normal value
up to 160/95 limit range
over 160/95 High blood pressure values in mm Hg

36.5 - 37.5 °C; the fluctuation can be 1°C over the day

Glucose (blood sugar):
up to 110 Normal value
up to 130 Limit range
over 130 in need of treatment
Values in mg/dl, fasting

Total cholesterol:
up to 200 Normal value
200 - 250 Limit range
over 250 in need of treatment
Values in mg/dl

HDL cholesterol (="good" cholesterol):
above 40 Normal value
40 - 35 Limit range
under 35 in need of treatment
Values in mg/dl

LDL cholesterol (="bad" cholesterol):
below 125 normal value
125 - 155 Limit range
over 155 in need of treatment
Values in mg/dl

up to 200 mg/dl normal value

Uric acid:
up to 7 mg/dl men
up to 5.7 mg/dl Women

We will be happy to provide you with information about other values.

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