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Diabetes Action Days 2023

Diabetes Action Days

The team at Hasen Apotheke am Hasenbergl cordially invites you to the Diabetes Action Days from 10 to 22 July 2023. This event is dedicated to the important topic of diabetes and offers a platform for information, prevention and support for all those who...

Action weeks "Weight control

Weight control

Unfortunately, many things have been neglected in recent months due to the pandemic. This certainly includes sufficient physical activity and a healthy diet. The team at Hasen Apotheke am Hasenbergl will be happy to support you all year round with tips and advice for your...

Free hair & nail consultation

Hair & Nail Consultation

Full, shiny hair and beautiful, strong nails are a sign of health, beauty and well-being. However, as hair and nail structure can deteriorate over time, hair often unfortunately becomes finer and nails more brittle. Does this sound familiar to you...

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