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Lousy times

"Allow me, we are the lice!

We invade all minds, even the particularly clean and pure ones. No one is safe from us! Since we can't fly, heads have to be close together when we are looking for a new home. That's why we also like to take hairbrushes, combs, caps as omnibuses or wander over pillows or bedding. We also crawl over coats and jackets hanging close to each other in wardrobes.

We like to drink your blood, sometimes transmitting diseases. The sores itch and become inflamed when you scratch.

We live in the hair of our heads, to which we also stick our white eggs, the so-called nits. Unfortunately, we are very afraid of lice shampoos and solutions from the pharmacy. They kill us, especially when the whole family is treated and clothes and bedding are washed. Nevertheless, some of us sometimes survive if we are not checked and treated after a week.

But fortunately there are still some uninformed people where we live well and therefore: bye, maybe see you soon!"

Lice are not only annoying and painful, but also mean a lot of work for the affected household. But with the right treatment, you can get rid of them relatively quickly. Ask us!

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