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Pharmaceutical services

At the Hasen Pharmacy we also offer the so-called pharmaceutical services (pDL). In the following, we will briefly go into the 5 different pharmaceutical services and take a look at who is entitled to them.

What exactly are pharmaceutical services?

  • High blood pressure counselling
    We also provide comprehensive advice and support in the event of medically diagnosed high blood pressure and the corresponding use of antihypertensive medication. (Agreement)
  • Inhalation exercises
    If you suffer from respiratory diseases and are given medication to inhale, we will show you how to use it correctly and practise the correct inhalation technique with you. (Agreement)
  • Polymedication counselling
    If you take five or more medicines prescribed by a doctor on a permanent basis, dangerous interactions between the individual medicines can occur under certain circumstances. To avoid this, you can receive appropriate medication advice from us. (Agreement)
  • Medication counselling for cancer
    We will be happy to advise and support you if you have received new medication as part of oral antitumour therapy due to cancer. (Agreement)
  • Counselling after an organ transplant
    After an organ transplant, we will also provide you with comprehensive advice on the medication prescribed for you to inhibit your body's own rejection reactions (immunosuppressants). (Agreement)

Who has a claim?

As a person with statutory health insurance, you are entitled to the pharmaceutical services we provide, which we then bill to the statutory health insurance funds (GKV). As a privately insured person, you pay the pDL at our pharmacy and then settle with your private health insurance.


Please make an appointment under the telephone number 089/31 32 365 an appointment for a pharmaceutical service!

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