As of now: Digital vaccination certificate

You have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 and would like to have a digital vaccination certificate issued? We now offer digital vaccination certificates. These contain a QR code that you then only need to scan with the Corona Warning app or the CovPass app. You can get the apps from the AppStore (for iOS) or the Google Play Store (for Android).

You do not need an appointment, but you do need * proof of vaccination and a valid identity card or passport.

Recovery certificates

We will finally be able to issue you with a convalescence certificate from 09 July 2021. For the issuance we need the following documents:

  • Officially certified proof of identity, e.g. identity card or passport
  • Evidence of vaccination with a COVID 19 vaccine
  • Detection of a survived COVID-19 infection by a laboratory using a positive PCR test.

You do not need an appointment. Please do not come to the back entrance anymore, but directly to the Hasen Apotheke.

Ji-Young Shin

Pharmacist and owner of the Hasen Apotheke am Hasenbergl.

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