Nationwide month of protest - We're joining in on 22 November 2023!

Your local pharmacy is an indispensable part of your public services: pharmacies have supported the healthcare system during the coronavirus pandemic, are dealing with the current supply bottlenecks and provide night and emergency services every day to ensure that you can still obtain urgently needed medication late at night. Karl Lauterbach is now jeopardising this network, which has been tried and tested for decades. His austerity policy is jeopardising the supply of medicines close to home: At the end of March, the number of pharmacies in Germany fell to less than 18,000 outlets - the lowest level in over 40 years. This is hardly surprising, as the fixed fee for dispensing medicines, which is vital for pharmacies, has not been increased for more than a decade and was even cut in February.

But that's not all: the current plans of the Minister of Health amount to the creation of
Pseudo-pharmacies, without pharmacists, without prescriptions for the production of medicines and without night and emergency services. This means a further deterioration in your supply of medicines - a declaration of bankruptcy in terms of health policy.

To protest against this threat to the common good, the local pharmacies
the November the month of protest declared. From 8 November 2023, we will sit down every
Wednesday for the stabilisation of the supply of medicines - in the North, South, East and West.

The Hasen Apotheke will therefore also be closed on Wednesday, 22 November 2023.

As healthcare professionals, we did not take this step lightly. But we must protest today.
to be able to supply you tomorrow as well. Thanks to our colleagues
Nevertheless, the supply of medicines is guaranteed in the emergency pharmacies.

At this point, we ask you, dear patients, for more than just your understanding
for our protest - we ask for your support in the political arena. Also raise
Vote in favour of strengthening public pharmacies!

Strengthening pharmacies. Now more than ever!

Ji-Young Shin

Pharmacist and owner of the Hasen Apotheke am Hasenbergl.

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